Dirt Late Model Right Front Contact Patch Loading

Static vs Dynamic

The right front tire is significant on a dirt late model as today's technology continues to influence the setups and continued search for more speed in dynamic posture. Teams are spending countless hours on data acquisition and using that data on pull-down rigs to learn more about what the car is doing and needs. 

As any tire flexes, it will distort the contact patch. The more load applied, the more it will warp. On the right front corner, you have several suspension points and steering inputs that will influence this. Let's examine tire pressure as it relates to the contact patch. As you increase your starting pressure, you stiffen the tire carcass. The tire will reduce the amount of flex but can react quickly to track surface changes. 

We recommend starting at 12psi on semi-banked tracks and increasing to as high as 19 on high-banked and elevated load tracks such as Bristol and Belleville High Banks.


Sipe Depth
How Deep Should You Cut?