Fastrak Grooving Patterns

Grooving is now legal on the FT200 and FT400 Tires

The Fastrak series allows you to groove the Hoosier FT200 and FT400 late-model tires. The art of tire grooving is unique to each driver/team and has been crafted through the years by old-fashioned trial and error. 

We have a few tips for you on your team's journey. The FT200 and FT400 use the staggered block (SB) factory tread pattern. It is a tried and true pattern that has been around for a long time and has won countless events in multiple forms of dirt racing. 

The softer the tire compound, the fewer cuts the tire need, as the tire compound provides traction. Adding grooves to the existing pattern can help the tread block move and conform to the irregular track surface. Front tires typically need more circumferential grooves to aid in clearing loose dirt away and giving the tire another edge for side bite. Rear tires use more lateral grooves to allow the tire to flex more under load and provide the tire another edge for forward bite. 

We recommend starting with a fresh #2 blade and setting the depth slightly under the factory tread depth. The harder the tire compound is, the higher the heat setting will need to cut the rubber easily. Take your time, as clean and consistent cuts will help the tire work properly. 

After each run:

  1. Note the tire temperature using the IMO (Inside, Middle, Outside) method.
  2. Note any tire wear using the same way.
  3. Adjust the grooving pattern as needed, either on the current tire or the next tire intended for use. 

Keep Notes!!!
The more data we have, the more informed decisions we can make in the future.