NLMT 3 - 4 RR

Groove, Sipe and Venting Pattern

The NLMT 3 and 4 are part of Hoosier's new National Late Model Tire lineup. The NLMT3 compound is similar to the LM30/1450 and is considered a rugged and repeatable compound that stands up to abrasion. The NLMT4 resembles the M40/1600 compound and likes black, slick, and slow-track conditions. 

Both tires are designed to be used without any extra grooving or siping. The following pattern can be a good starting point if your series allows grooving and siping. 

Use a #2 Blade on all cross grooves to allow the tire to scoop loose dirt more efficiently. Drill a vent hole using a 1/8" ball nose bit on a cordless compact cut-out tool with a depth stop on the inside edge block to prevent excessive heat build-up. Sipe across the remaining tread three sipes per block and no deeper than half the available tread depth. Siping across will allow the tire to flex and give the tire more edges for forward traction.

This pattern is a safe starting point. Adjust for your driver and track conditions according to tire wear.

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