Staying Cool In The Summer Heat

Tips To Keep Your Tires From Overheating.

Summer temperatures mean higher track temps and even higher tire operating temperatures. This time of year, you will see increased tire failure, typically on the right rear tire. One of the easiest ways to decrease tire temperature is removing your inner wheel foam and switching to a vented-style cover. In some cases where track conditions allow it, you can leave the wheel cover off altogether.

Switching what you fill your tire with for air will also make a difference. Dry Air or Nitrogen will maintain pressure more consistently than normal atmospheric air and reduce tire pressure build-up. Air pressure bleeders, if allowed, are also a handy tool to prevent pressure build-up. 

Grooving, Siping, and Tire compound selection are critical factors in performance on high-heat track conditions. Suppose you run a single-tire compound rule and need a more durable tire. I recommend a tire with multiple heat cycles already. A good used tire will produce better results than a new un-cycled tire in this condition.

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