Brand Name: Van Alstine
Manufacturer Part Number: VR2

#2 Tire Groover 2/32 Round 12 Pack for V100

Van Alstine - Tire Groover Blade Round # 2 for V100 - VR2

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Van Alstine - Tire Groover Blade Round #2 for V100 - VR2

V Series – "V" series technology has resulted in delivering a powerful groover in a small package. V Blades are compatible with the V100 and GV1000. They come in flat and round bottom shapes.

The unique design of the Van Alstine blade includes a tapered shape making the blade wider near the top where strength is needed and thinner at the bottom, greatly reducing drag as the blade cuts through the rubber. The highly finished cutting edge combined with the tapered design results in a blade that cuts cooler and is unmatched in performance and durability

High quality Van Alstine razor sharp blades are available in a wide variety of cutting widths in both flat and round bottom styles. Blade sizes correspond to thirty-seconds of an inch in width. A #6 blade cuts 6/32” wide and has a flat bottom. A #6 blade cuts 6/32” wide and has a round bottom.