Brand Name: Hoosier Racing Tire
Manufacturer Part Number: 46536R7

Hoosier Racing Tire - Circuit D.O.T. Radial P275/35ZR15 R7

Hoosier Racing Tire - Circuit Racing D.O.T. Radial P275/35ZR15 R7 - 46536R7

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Brand: Hoosier Racing Tire

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Tire Size
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Tread Width
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Rim Width
9.0 - 11.0
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Hoosier Sports Car DOT radial tires are only for road racing and autocross use. They were developed for competition where responsiveness and high levels of grip in hot, dry conditions are desirable. "R" tires are specifically for road racing and produce fast, consistent lap times and extended wear. Hoosier "A" tires are principally for autocross but are also used for road racing on lightweight cars or when cool ambient temperatures prevent "R" compound tires from reaching proper operating temperatures.

Features and benefits of Hoosier Circuit Racing D.O.T. radial tires include:

  • The tread of Sports Car DOT radials are "slicks" with alternating outboard and inboard 5-dash circumferentially oriented grooves
  • With a tread depth of 4/32 in., tread shaving is not required, but it is best scuff them in before actual competition
  • Their internal construction is symmetric with two lightweight steel belts reinforced by a spirally wrapped circumferential nylon cap ply under the tread but above two nylon cord casing plies
  • A rim recess is included on all sizes
  • Their internal construction and symmetric tread design means they can mounted on either side of the car then reversed for longer tire life
  • Measuring unmounted tires will not provide correct comparisons to mounted tires; they must be mounted on the correct wheels to determine their actual mounted dimensions
  • The section width, tread width, and shoulder profile of Sports Car DOT radials are not necessarily the same as earlier versions and may affect fitment; it is always best to check a mounted, inflated tire for possible interference with suspension and/or body components
  • Racing and autocross tires should never be driven in snow, on ice, or in near-freezing temperatures
  • Store competition tires inside, away from direct sunlight, or in temperatures near or below freezing